Ask and It Is Given

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

askitsgivenThere is a wealth of information available on the Law of Attraction, including the DVD The Secret, books by countless authors, and the extensive work of the Abraham-Hicks team, who first ignited much of the current enthusiasm. Abraham-Hicks have created 700 books, CD’s and DVD’s, including Ask and It is Given.
If you’re not familiar with Abraham-Hicks, let me start with Abraham. This is actually a collective name for a group of spiritual beings that wish to share this information with mankind. Esther Hicks channels this information, sometimes through typing and sometimes through talking. She and her husband Jerry travel and conduct approximately 50 workshops each year.
Even if you were skeptical of this information’s source, who could argue with the notion that positive thoughts will attract more positive things into your life. Believing that you can and will achieve something goes a long way towards making it happen.
After watching a number of their DVD’s, and seeing Abraham working through Esther, I find it hard to believe that any human could answer questions so insightfully and provide such appropriate advice so quickly. It is easier for me to accept that Esther and Abraham have just the relationship they describe.
In Part I of this book you’ll find 22 chapters largely devoted to our thoughts, emotions and their relation to manifesting our desires. Achieving a state of joy, empowerment and love raises our vibration or frequency. By doing this, we let go of our resistance and start manifesting through the Law of Attraction. Not only that, but achieving a state of joy feels pretty darn good.
Part II of this book provides “22 proven processes” for doing just that. As far as I’m concerned, these techniques really set this book apart. As a spokesperson for meditation, I appreciated seeing meditation as one of their techniques. Our constant thoughts slow our vibration, so when we meditate and slow those thoughts, we raise our vibration to our naturally higher rate. Abraham describes this as similar to a cork bobbing to the surface.
Other techniques include “Moving Up the Emotional Scale” and “The Wallet Process.” To make use of “The Wallet Process,” you just need to carry a hundred dollar bill with you and feel better knowing that as you go about your day, you have the funds available to buy all sorts of things that you encounter. The secret is to “feel” wealthier and more abundant without actually buying all those things you encounter throughout the day. If you do actually buy them, you’ll have an overabundance of stuff and a shortage of hundred dollar bills.
Of the numerous books that I’ve read on The Law of Attraction, this one most clearly spelled out very easy and positive tools for improving your mood and manifesting your desires. I look forward to putting these processes into practice.

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