Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives

by Michael Newton

destiny_of_soulsDestiny of Souls is one of those few books that had an enormous impact on me. This book, along with my clairvoyant training, really shifted my perspective. We are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary experience here on earth, and we reincarnate many times to learn life’s lessons. How much would we learn if we actually only lived once. Since first reading Destiny of Souls, I’ve read all four of Michael Newton, Ph.D’s books, including his original, Journey of Souls. Destiny of Souls is still my favorite.

The inspiration for all of his books started when he stumbled upon a client’s memories of the spirit world (between lives), while doing hypnotherapy work. Newton further developed this technique and used it to help over seven thousand clients remember their time in the spirit world, or heaven, as well as gain insights into their life purpose.

Destiny of Souls describes fascinating details of the spirit world, like soul groups, spirit guides, soulmates and recreation in the afterlife. For enjoyment, spirits might recreate their old house from energy, or shape-shift, melding with an animal or object. There is also dancing, music and games. In the spirit world, younger souls spend a great deal of time learning, often in school-like settings. More advanced souls work towards a specialty like energy healing, creating with energy or becoming a spirit guide.

I had first read Destiny of Souls years ago, before my clairvoyant training. In the process of communicating with spirits, I’ve received quite a few details on the spirit world and have found Newton’s descriptions to be very accurate, like our relationship with spirit guides or our soulmates.

One of the fascinating spirit world places he describes is an enormous library, the Akashic Records or Library of Life Books, which contains records of everything that has happened on earth. During my training, we made occasional out-of-body trips to this library, in order to get answers to questions. Even the description of the library he described closely matched what I experienced on these trips. My wife took an amazing out-of-body trip that started at the library and included some of the highlights of heaven.

Parts of this book are written as case studies, with Dr. Newton’s questions followed by his client’s responses, while under hypnosis. To me this gave an accurate portrayal of how he received this information. Some readers might find this format mildly distracting.

Overall, I find the book to not only be a great source of information on the spirit world, but also on our spiritual path, as our soul learns lessons and works on advancement. You can find some similar information on our soul’s advancement at the Michael Teachings website.