Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

by Michael Newton

journeyofsoulsThis is Michael Newton’s first book describing our life between lives, the spirit world, or heaven. Like I mentioned in the description of Destiny of Souls, this book is based on Newton’s hypnotherapy work and his client’s descriptions of their immediate experiences while visiting the spirit realm.

Both books are similar, although they each cover different aspects of our spiritual journey and the spirit world. Journey covers many of the important basics, like what to first expect when we die and are reunited with our friends on the other side. There are chapters on some of the steps we go through, including Homecoming, Orientation, Transition, and Placement. Newton discusses our relationship with our spirit guides, and the levels of advancement as souls gain experience from one life to the next. Destiny of Souls delves into greater detail on specifics of the spirit world, like describing angels, ghosts and other sorts of spirits you might encounter, soul colors and their meaning, soul groups, and our jobs in the spiritual realm. It would be hard to recommend one book over the other, so I encourage you to just order both.