Lessons from the Source

by Jack Armstrong

I read this book while recovery from prostate cancer surgery. While laying in the hospital, Lessons from the Source provided me with moments of intense joy and gratitude for all of the blessings in my life.

Lessons from the Source focuses on experiencing more joy, peace and love, by teaching us to tap into our connection with the “Source,” that many would call God. While reading this book, I could feel this connection.

Lessons from the Source

“Joy and peace and love are constant realities, but their expression through you is a conscious choice. With your consent, they will manifest constantly in your life, and you will be magnetized to attract your good.”

Although Jack Armstrong is listed as the author, most of the book is written in first person, from the “Source’s” point of view. Armstrong reports that he received this information, while writing in a notebook, and that much of the book appears pretty close to just how he received it. Jack did this channeling years ago. He would receive a lesson, tear it out of his notebook, and throw it in a nightstand, not even remembering much of what he wrote down. Years later, he received strong messages that he needed to share these lessons with others. I’m glad they eventually made their way into book format.

Lessons from the Source is short, easy-to-read and provides very wise lessons. Although I’m not completely sure what source Armstrong received these lessons from, they strike me as just what God might have said. As the subtitle states, this truly is A Spiritual Guidebook for Navigating Life’s Journey.

This book review was written by Curt Remington