Revelations for a New Era

by Suzanne Ward

Last month, I reviewed Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven, a fascinating description of the spiritual realm, written by Suzanne Ward. Actually she wrote it with considerable help from her deceased son, Matthew. Revelations for a New Era, also by Suzanne Ward, delves more deeply into details of the spiritual realm, covering subjects like God, the Creator and the universes. According to this book, there may be seven different universes, each with a variety of Revelations for a new eradimensions or “densities.”

The main focus of Revelations is on major changes taking place as Earth and we humans raise our vibration and enter a new dimension. Revelations covers a history of our planet, spiritual aspects of our present circumstances, and a description of our likely path for the future. The history is one you won’t find in high school history books. It starts with creation of the universes and moves on to the start of human life on planet earth. According to Revelations, extraterrestrials from a variety of planets have been key to our start and much of our progress along the way.

This book review was written by Curt Remington