The Dynamic Laws of Healing

by Catherine Ponder

Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Healing contains very valuable information on releasing emotional blocks to better health. This is a spiritually oriented book, with many stories of “miraculous” healings.

The Dynamic Laws of Healing is one of the “classics” on healing, and reminds me some of Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, a thirty-five million copy bestseller. Ponder wrote the Dynamic Laws of Healing in 1966 and updated it in 1985, so it has been around even longer than Hay’s book. Some of the stories

The Dynamic Laws of Healing

struck me as dated, but the information is timeless.

Chapters cover topics like: forgiveness, release, affirmations, praise and imaging. I’m currently working to heal my own prostate cancer and found the chapter on forgiveness to be especially beneficial. Ponder’s techniques are remarkably simple but effective, such as repeating a statement on forgiveness. “All that has offended me, I forgive. Whatever has made me bitter, resentful, unhappy, I forgive. Things past, things present, things future, I forgive.” After repeating this statement, during meditation, I found old issues and images appearing, which I quickly worked on releasing. After a few sessions of this, a key relationship in my life improved immensely.

If you’re working to heal your own physical or emotional issues, this classic book is very worthwhile.

This book review was written by Curt Remington