The Meditation Bible

by Madonna Gauding

Wow! The Meditation Bible contains 153 meditations. That’s a lot of meditations. The exercises are divided into eight categories, with meditations for calming and centering, healing, solving problems and connecting to the divine. An example of a meditation, under the category of “Manifesting Your The Meditation BibleDreams,” is called “Buried Treasure.” In this visualization, you choose a childhood dream that resonated most strongly with you. “Visualize being or doing what you wished for as a child.” What would your life be like now, if your dream had come true. Next, you imagine a method for bringing part of your dream to life. “If you wanted to be a musician, start taking those piano lessons.” At the end of the meditation, you are to commit to reviving a childhood passion, or at least bring in some of the excitement energy from that dream.

The bulk of the book consists of one exercise after another, so it probably makes more sense to look up meditations as needed, rather than reading the book from cover to cover. Most of the exercises are brief, but they are effective. Having so many meditations to choose from will ensure variety in your practice.

The first 39 pages of the book covers some basics of meditation: what is meditation? Why meditate, preparation, consistency, sacred space and postures. This section suggests that each meditation session start with a Buddhist breath meditation. It is one of the most popular forms of meditation in the world and has been popular for 2500 years. There must be something to it. I do find it to be an effective form of meditation.

As an added bonus, The Meditation Bible is adorned with color pictures and a beautiful layout, like other books in its series including The Crystal BibleThe Reiki Bible, and The Chakra BibleThe Meditation Bible is a very worthwhile addition to your spiritual library.

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