The Power of Intention

by Wayne Dyer

In the late 1970’s Wayne Dyer’s Your Erroneous Zones had an enormous impact on my life, and apparently on a lot of other people’s lives too. With sales of over 30 million, it is one of the bestselling books of all time. Your Erroneous Zones is a self-help book, clearly based on Dyer’s background in psychology.

In the years since writing it, Dyer has shifted to a much more spiritual point of view. The Power of Intention definitely falls into that category, which is fine with me. I strongly agree with Dyer, that we are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. Intention, as Dyer describes it, is a “force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy.” Later in chapter one, Dyer goes on to state that “at our Source, we are formless energy, and in that formless vibrating spiritual field of energy, intention resides.”

The Power of Intention

The power in The Power of Intention, lies in letting go of ego and tapping into the Source, the vast field of energy that contains everyone and everything. A person truly connected to Source energy will experience more of what Dyer describes as the “seven faces of intention,” creativity, kindness, love, beauty, expansion, abundance and receptivity. The book is divided into three parts, with the first providing the “essentials of intention,” describing how to connect better to intention (Source) and what obstacles might get in the way. This chapter also highlights the positive impact you can have on others when you’re connected to intention.

Part II is devoted to steps you can take to put intention to work in your life, including topics like respecting yourself, attracting ideal people, attracting abundance, and optimizing your capacity to heal.

Part III contains a description of a person fully connected to the field of intention. I believe Dyer is such a person, strongly connected to Source. Throughout the book, his sincerity and caring for others clearly comes through. I’ve found this to be true in person too. Along with attending a couple of his talks, I spent a week on a cruise to Alaska, that he happened to be on. I only spoke with him once, but I saw him on deck and in ports numerous times. He is very personable and radiated warmth, friendliness and joy, living what he preaches.

This book review was written by Curt Remington