The World According to Michael

by Joya Pope

This is my favorite book for answers to those deep questions like, what is the meaning of life? Why are some people so different? What makes me the way I am?

The World According to Michael serves two important purposes. First, it makes it clear that we are eternal spiritual beings with one of many temporary bodies. Making a shift to view yourself this way can have a profound impact on your life. The second purpose is Michael provides a greater understanding of ourselves and others, allowing us to let go of judgment and develop more agape/love.

The World According to Michael

So who is Michael? Like Abraham, from the Law of Attraction, Michael is a group of advanced spiritual beings that offer information through a channel, or in Michael’s case channels. Joya Pope, the author, is among the people channeling Michael, and she was kind enough to put this information into a very readable book. The book is currently out of print, so new copies are expensive, but you can find used copies. Most of the information is also available at the Michael Teachings website.

So what might you learn from the or the book? There’s a fascinating chapter on soul ages. I used to assume that old souls are the truly successful people in life. It turns out that many old souls don’t have much interest in material success. They’ve done that stuff before, in earlier lifetimes. They’re more interested in fine-tuning their spiritual development and in helping others, so many old souls are living rather meagerly. You’ll also learn how are personalities are affected by our “roles” and our “personality overleaves.” Much of our personality was an innate part of our spiritual nature before we were born. I guess we can’t blame our parents for all of our problems, and our kids can’t blame us for all of theirs.

If you’d like to understand yourself and others better, this book is well worth your time. Or take a good look at the Michael Teachings website.

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