Brainwave Music System

by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

As you serious meditators know already know, our minds use different BrainwaveMusicSystembrainwave states for different purposes. We may spend most of our day in an alert Beta state, but when we meditate, we relax into an Alpha state or maybe reach a deeper, more spiritually connected Beta state, where we can more easily access psychic abilities. For you non-meditators, this is a very easy way to start meditating, just put on some headphones, listen to the music, and let other thoughts go.

Through years of research, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has developed a system for varying sound pulses, embedded in beautiful music or nature sounds, to induce a variety of different brainwave patterns. This CD set contains six CDs, each designed for a different purpose:

  • Alpha Relaxation System
  • Theta Meditation System
  • Delta Sleep System
  • Healing Mind System
  • Creative Mind System
  • Awakened Mind System