Getting into the Vortex

by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Getting Into the Vortex is about raising your energy vibration so more of the good things can flow into your life: general well-being (happiness), financial abundance, health, and relationships. To help you accomplish this, you get a meditation CD with a separate exercise covering each of these topics. There’s also a book/user guide providing information on improving each of these key aspects of your life.

Getting into the Vortex

As author of Simple Meditation, I absolutely believe meditation is a powerful tool for aligning with the higher vibration spiritual realm, which can have a profound impact. The meditations on this CD allow you to do that quite effortlessly. They include gentle guided instructions for breathing more deeply and shifting your focus. Soothing background music makes it very easy to listen, relax and reach a meditative state. The information or instructions on the topics are almost subliminal, as you let go of effort and just let it sink in.

The accompanying book/user guide is a quick read, providing basic information on The Teaching of Abraham and The Law of Attraction, the basis for a vast variety of books, CDs and DVD’s, like The Secret. My favorite source of information on this is the book Ask and It is Given, also by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Getting Into the Vortex is a worthwhile package with four twenty-minute meditations you could rotate between and use every day. In an article I wrote, you’ll discover how the Law of Attraction helped me manifest an exquisite wood kayak.

This CD review was written by Curt Remington