Reasons Why We Should Meditate

by Tomas Coimin

It is acceptable for poets, writers, musicians, and saints to be alone in order for them to compose the message or theme relevant to their purpose. Yet it is questionable for every man woman and child to spend time alone in order to develop mentally and spiritually.

Jesus with the exhaustion of every day always took time alone to meditate on his essence and nourish his spirit and he did this without making excuse or apology because he knew its rewards. We are no lesser than Jesus to benefit by this wee exercise that has alarming suppositions to the guarded soul yet we relinquish our freedom from self-expression and self-discovery.

Woman Overlooking Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake, Oregon

Children are transported from school to activity and then another activity and on continually the journey goes except the one that makes the most difference. The journey inward is the most important expedition with unimaginable discoveries awaiting our attention that we are rather silly to deprive ourselves from this amazing pleasure.

Is pleasure to be measured only through expenditure of time and finances using all resources that are available but yet, leave us somewhat vacant? Sadly, this is true and what pray tell shall future civilisations think of this period in time of a people who were too busy to know where they were going.

The travesties of our existence shall speak volumes to onlookers and the lessons learned and taught shall result from what they have deciphered as to how not to go about achieving the pleasures of life. We service our cars and alas woe betide any motorist who does not as the resulting damage to the engine may result in permanent retirement of the vehicle and alarming bills.

Why exercise our right to vote, our right to eat and drink but not exercise our right for relaxation and peace? Women in particular who expend huge amounts of energy as carers and supporters deserve to align with their inner core through relaxation and solitary time and should not have to fight for it. Men may find through peaceful solitary stillness that their energies shall increase with greater clarity while treasures are exhumed from the body and excesses cast away to oblivion.

If workers were allowed thirty minutes per day to relax in a quiet environment away from the mediocrity of world media, they may harvest greater pleasure from their travails than they do currently. If children were encouraged to explore their inner creative powers, we probably would have less confusion about their futures.

Society needs to recharge its creative centre and allow harmony to flourish instead of beating the highways with drawn out traffic crawl and exacerbated emotional tyranny. Watching CNN for a few hours would give anyone emotional chaos as their theme is to cover as many subjects in as short a time as possible while investing in excessive advertising to beat the band.

We need to take time out and recharge our batteries and those who decline this basic requirement of our psyche shall reap the rewards through ill health and other travesties of a busy lifestyle. To overindulge in activity is the same as an alcoholic or other addict from desisting with his / her harmful habits creating like any addiction a lack of harmony in many aspects of ones life.

In summation then let us remind each other to relax and allow the juices of life to flow through our veins and the next time we head off for vacation it will be a real exercise in relaxation not an extension of busyness. God bless!

Tomas Coimin is born and raised in Irelands Emerald shores and I believe faith in God and high self-esteem are inextricably linked and thus you shall see references throughout my writings linking both. Don’t forget: e-mail for your free 15 day trial of brilliant neuro and meditative software that will more than ring your bell! Neuro-Programmer is a next generation mind tool for self-improvement. It combines brainwave entrainment with hypnosis and many other fields to produce the most effective software for self-help available today. It is also very easy to install and use speeding up your opportunity to reap benefits. God bless and tooraloo.

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