Improve or Create More Positive Relationships Through Meditation

by Curt Remington

The following visualization exercise will increase your positive feeling for others, and they’ll respond by feeling more positively towards you.

Meditation for Improving Relationships

Affectionate Mountain Lions

Mountain Lions

Once you’ve reached your quiet and comfortable place, sit down, take a few deep breaths and relax. With your thoughts quieted, visualize a very important person in your life. This could be a spouse, child, parent or close friend. Holding their image, contemplate one or two traits that are unique and positive about them. Maybe they’re very generous, creative, funny or loving. If positive characteristics are not coming up, remember that person is only human and move through their traits until you find a positive one. Everyone has some. As you’re contemplating that trait, feel your fondness for that person. The feeling is probably coming from the area of your heart or fourth chakra. After feeling the warmth for that person, find someone else important in your life and do the same thing.

As you move from person to person, sense a growing golden glow radiating from your heart, like sunshine. Let the rays of this warmth shine for as long as you like, touching the important people in your life. If you want, you can then expand it farther so it reaches others, that you don’t know, like everyone in your neighborhood, town or even expand it to the world. If everyone did this, we could make the world a brighter, more loving place. When you’re done, take a few more deep breaths and contemplate that you can continue to radiate some of that caring light as you go on about your day.

This meditation was created by Curt Remington