Meditation Can Heal the Aftermath of Trauma

by Curt Remington

Meditation can help release your pain, stress, anger or guilt. It can help you relax and can help clear blocks to your health and happiness. Some techniques I’ll describe may be especially beneficial to those that have been through traumatic experiences like combat an accident or a violent crime.

Statue of a Woman

Statue of a Woman

Before you start this meditation, I suggest reading my “Science and Heaven” article to clarify my discussion of energy. While you’re at it, an article on Grounding, followed by “Running Your Energies” would be very beneficial. This may sound like a lot, but they’re all short, fascinating and describe a great method for meditating.

The meditations for grounding and running your energies would be beneficial to anyone. The more you practice them, the more sensitive you will become to feeling your own energy flow. Once you have your energy running, try to be aware of any blocks, especially ones related to pain, sorrow, anger or guilt. Imagine energy flow melting those blocks and carrying them down your grounding cord.

You might limit your meditating to the first two exercises, until you feel your comfortable at reaching a meditative state. As you feel up to it, try adding some more advanced techniques for releasing the energy of traumatic experiences. One technique is to take one of these memories and see it as if it were in a picture frame in front of you. Connect a grounding cord to the picture, like when you grounded yourself. Let any negative energy drain off and go deep into the ground. This could be the energy from your own grief, fear, guilt or other people’s energy. As much as you comfortably can, look at your worst memories this way, draining the energy from the picture. With less energy, those painful memories won’t be so likely to haunt you.

Another technique you can try is to imagine creating an object in front of you. For some reason, clairvoyants tend to use roses. You could probably just as well create a tree, garbage can, phone or you can use your imagination. Once the object’s there, imagine the energy from any negative emotions going from your aura into the object. Once all the energy is there, destroy it. You can just watch the item pop and disappear, you can erase it or you can even blow it up. By doing this, you are actually neutralizing the energy. This is intended as a gentle exercise for releasing negative energy. If you find yourself violently blowing up cars and buildings, please reground yourself, relax and start over.

If you have a lot to release, following these steps again is well worth your time. These exercises, and many more, are in my upcoming book Simple Meditation: A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your Life.

This meditation was created by Curt Remington