We Are All Spiritual Beings

by Jill Miller

As a psychic reader, I have the opportunity to communicate with spirit – whether it’s with someone’s spirit guide, a loved one who has passed over or with the person themselves that I’m reading.

Trees on Sucia Island, Washington

Trees on Sucia Island, Washington

We are all spirit – some of us currently have bodies and some don’t! I was watching Wayne Dyer recently and he said something like – “we are not humans living a spiritual existence, but spirit living a life of humanity.” I liked that. It validates that first and foremost we are spiritual beings. We existed as spirit before we were born, we exist as spirit now in the body, and we will still exist as spirit when we are finished with this body. In a reading I try to focus on the true spirit of the person I’m reading – to communicate “spirit-to-spirit” with them.

The communication with those who don’t have a body is fun too. Just like those of us with bodies, I find other spirit like to be recognized as well. Those who have passed over want to be validated for the experiences they are having and almost always welcome the opportunity to talk with their loved one they left behind. Spirit guides too are quick to communicate. They tell me what purpose they hold for the person, how long they have been with them, and may have some words of advice to share.

When I communicate with spirit, I sometimes get images that I then interpret, other times it is more of an intuitive/feeling-type experience. But more often than not, I just hear them speak.

How do I do that? Well, the key is grounding and quieting down and allowing yourself to be in a “listening” space. Try it sometime!

This article was written by Jill Miller founder of Simply Spirit Reading and Healing Center.