Releasing Blocks and Moving On

by Jill Miller

The word “healing” can bring many images to mind – broken bones mending, a faith healer lifting someone from a wheelchair to walk, someone beating cancer, a counselor helping someone work through a problem, feeling better about yourself after a difficult divorce.

Roses In Bloom

Roses In Bloom

Healing is about making change – being able to move out of one space into another.  Taking a risk and having faith that you are going to be okay.  It’s letting go of what doesn’t work any more and moving into a place where you can start to create again.

To me, all healing is self-healing.  Those of us who practice the art of healing know that change does not take place unless the person being healed is ready to let go – ready to take that next step, ready to release whatever blocks they may be holding unto.  Sometimes having another person involved in that process (the healer) can give us a sense of safety and validation to make change.

In the energy healing work I do, I don’t “take away” blocks, but work with that person to start to release one layer at a time.  I communicate with them as spirit, that infinite, divine part of them, and they really do most of the work.  Sometimes just having someone recognize and validate where we are holding on can be enough to start getting the energies moving!

In other words, we don’t “need” a healer to heal ourselves, for we are our own best healers.  We are the ones that know when we are ready to move on, when holding onto something is no longer healthy for us.  We have all held onto things that others have viewed as bad for us – whether it was a relationship, or a job, a difficult situation.  But, maybe, just maybe, we weren’t quite done learning the lesson we needed to learn.

One of the greatest lessons a healer can learn is to not judge what others have created for themselves.

This article was written by Jill Miller