Happiness and Fulfillment can be Achieved through Nature, Meditation, and Inner Wisdom

by Curt Remington

Modern civilization has brought us many conveniences, designed to make life easier. Why hasn’t life become easier? Why aren’t we happier? Instead, many of us are in a state of stress much of the time. We struggle with hectic schedules—too much to do and not enough time to do it. We don’t take the time to relax. We may even feel a sense of emptiness, a lack of gratification.

What can we do? I’ve found three important keys to improve your health, experience more happiness, and make more fulfilling choices, based on your inner-wisdom and psychic abilities. To get to this blissful state, the three keys you need are time in nature, meditation, and access to your inner wisdom or psychic abilities. Even if your life is already pretty darn good, these three keys can make it better.


A curious blacktail fawn looks up.

Blacktail Fawn

We are part of the natural world, although many of us have forgotten. For thousands of years we hunted, gathered food, or grew it ourselves. People spent much of their time outdoors, very aware of nature and her cycles. We lived our lives in rhythm with these cycles. Now we live and work in big, insulated buildings with controlled environments. We spend much of our time narrowly focused on electronic devices, working on a computer most of the day, and then coming home to read our email on another computer. We check our cell phone for texts. To relax, we may watch the news or an action packed movie. That’s not really very relaxing, if you think about what you’re watching.

When we get out into nature, we tend to slow down and connect with what’s around us, taking in the sights, the sounds, the smells. We might spot a fawn in the woods, or discover a new trail. When we return, we feel more alive, more connected, aware, and at peace.

Venturing into nature could mean something completely different from one person to the next, depending on where you live, your health, available time, and a variety of other factors. You might connect with nature by visiting your local park, spending twenty minutes in your garden, or backpacking for a week in the Rocky Mountains. Any of these means of connecting with nature can be rejuvenating, putting you in touch with the balance and cycles that we are meant to be a part of.


Most people probably agree that getting out into nature is a good thing. What do you do when you can’t? You can get many of the same benefits and more, if you meditate. There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation, so folks that could be getting these benefits from meditation don’t. Common misconceptions include: you have to blank your mind, it’s difficult to learn, or it’s only for very spiritual people.

Meditating really means to find a focal point, to slow that stream of thoughts that race through our heads. This allows you to be more in the present moment, so your mind and body can relax. There are a variety of health benefits, like reducing stress, illness, anger and anxiety. Meditators tend to have more energy and better focus, which more than compensates for the time spent doing it.

Now I mentioned meditating when you can’t get out into nature. I didn’t mean to imply that you should only meditate when you can’t get outdoors. Meditating in nature is one of my favorite things to do on a trip into the wilderness. Focusing on a detail of nature is an easy and effective way to meditate. For example, you make that trip outdoors and find a beautiful view or even a beautiful flower. Focus on that, and when a thought pops in, just take note of the thought and let it go.

As a clairvoyant, I prefer meditating with my eyes closed, so I tend to tune into sounds. You might try the sound of wind rustling the trees, birds singing out their joy, or one of many water sounds. The patter of rain, waves rolling into shore, or the gurgle of a mountain stream all make wonderful focal points.

There are also CDs with many of these sounds, along with CDs of soothing meditation music, another wonderful thing to meditate on. Meditation CDs have two additional benefits. If you’re meditating at home, they can drown out distracting noises, like the dog barking across the street. The other benefit is that many of these soundtracks have embedded sound pulses to help you effortlessly reach an alpha or theta brainwave state. In other words, you can reach a meditative state very easily.

Inner Wisdom or Psychic Abilities

A sundog circled the sun over Baker Lake, Washington

Sundog Over Baker Lake

If you get out into nature and meditate regularly, you’ll certainly be more calm and content. You’re also likely to think more clearly, without all that stress. But to really tap into your inner-wisdom, there are some specific meditation and visualization exercises for connecting with your higher self. If you don’t believe in that spiritual concept, you could think of this as accessing your subconscious, and you’re likely to have the same results.

The clairvoyant work I’ve done, has more than convinced me that we have an eternal, spiritual part of ourselves that is also part of a vast Spirit World, with many advanced beings ready to help us. You can use meditation techniques to call on guardian angels, spirit guides, and totem animals for help with guidance, healing, and more.

Most indigenous cultures are, or have been, aware of these spirit helpers. For example, shamans from almost every continent have journeyed to other realms, using techniques you can find in Awakening to the Spirit World. In many Native American tribes, a vision quest was an important rite of passage, as young adults ventured into the wilderness to contact their totem animal and find direction in life.

In my year of clairvoyant training, we learned a whole variety of techniques for communicating with our higher self and a variety of spiritual helpers. These are some of the same techniques you can find in my book, Simple Meditation, and books like You Are Psychic, and Extraordinary Psychic. A simple method you can use is to sit down, close your eyes, and begin to meditate. When you’ve reached a meditative state, silently ask your question and wait for a reply. If you want to connect with a spirit guide or guardian angel, hold that intention, ask a question and see what happens. You may see an image, hear a response, or you may just get a sense of a reply. Your success will improve with practice. There are a whole variety of advanced spirits eager to provide help with guidance, healing, and more. They’d love to hear from you.

Even if you don’t feel very psychic now, you can learn to communicate. I’ve developed a close relationship with my guides on the other side. Their guidance and information has helped me many times. There have also been times when they brought me physical signs of their presence, like when my wolf totem animal sent an actual wolf to let me know my spirit guides were still watching out for me, or the time we asked for a sign and were treated to a spectacular sundog over Baker Lake.

We encourage you to get out into nature, meditate, and develop your psychic abilities to access your inner wisdom and spiritual help. These three keys have brought me many magical moments and a life that is more fulfilling. I’m confident that these three keys can do the same for you.

This article was written by Curt Remington, and is also available as a Youtube video talk (Part I and Part II)