About Us


Maybe the real start for Meditation Resources occurred during a clairvoyant reading I (Curt Remington) had in 2005. Until then, I’d been a self-employed real estate appraiser, quite focused on the physical world, working long hours, and seeking escape in the wilderness as often as possible. Over the years, I’d had enough psychic experiences to convince me there was more out there, but I didn’t give the spiritual realm a whole lot of thought.

That all changed when curiosity brought me to Jill Miller, a clairvoyant and spiritual teacher for over 30 years. I was so impressed by her reading that I signed up for a six-week class, followed by a year-long clairvoyant training program that included a lot of meditating and communicating with the spiritual realm. The more that I did, the more clear it became to me that we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience here on earth. It also became clear that our purpose here is to learn lessons, advance spiritually, love more, and to help one another.

After I’d completed training, my wife Mary also took a year of clairvoyant training. Once the door to spirituality was opened, we started to read lots of healing and spiritual books, studied different forms of meditation, and learned from the advanced spirits that we communicated with. A key thing became clear is that we’re here to help one another, including sharing what we’ve learned.

In the spirit of doing just that, I built websites like this one and CurtRemington.com, wrote Simple Meditation, and started Shuksan Web, a web design business to help others get their message out.

I hope you’ll check back, as more is added to this website. Articles you’ll find will include meditation, developing your own psychic abilities, healing modalities and descriptions of  the spirit world.

Curt & Mary Remington