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Recent Articles

The Authentic You

Connecting with Your Higher Self by Curt Remington There are moments when we connect with that inner spiritual part of ourselves, moments when our ego gets out of the way. These are times when we perform our very best, and it feels great. Maybe you’ve experienced...

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Dogs are Psychic Too

My wife and I both spent over a year in Simply Spirit Center’s clairvoyant training program, and it completely changed our lives. We became very aware that we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporary life here on earth and that we live in a multi-dimensional...

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The Spirit World, a Heavenly Place

Life on Earth can be challenging. There are natural disasters, war, financial problems, and disease, especially as we grow older. These adversities can at times make it difficult to see the positive in our lives. Our true home, the spirit world, doesn’t have these...

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