“We are here on earth to learn, to love, and to help one another. Relationships are key.” I opened the fourth chapter of my book, Simple Meditation, with these words, because I believe that this is much of our life purpose. You may also have more specific goals, such as those described in the Michael Teachings. Once we get here, most of us completely forgot why we’re here. We may mistakenly think our purpose is to gain fortune and fame, to climb the corporate ladder, or to gather a large collection of toys (cars, boats, clothes, etc.). Maybe you’ve heard Malcolm Forbes quote, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” The truth is, once you die, you’re not going to care much about all those toys, but you will care about the relationships in your life.  They continue on, even after we’ve crossed to the other side.

So how do our priorities get out of whack? We receive countless messages in a day that work to steer us from our life purpose. Advertisements tell us to buy this, buy that, and buy the other thing. Then we’ll be happy.

In my speech, “Escaping the Truman Show,” I talk about the Global Elite, a group with less than nice intentions. Not only do they control much of our advertising, but unfortunately, they also control our mainstream media. They don’t want us learning, getting along, and helping one another. They want us divided, despising, and fighting one another. I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of life, but I’m bringing their methods to your attention so you don’t fall for it.

They use our media to pit one group against another, to keep us negative and focused on fighting, rather than taking notice of what they are up to. An obvious example is all the propaganda used to get republicans and democrats fired up and mad at one another. Republicans are mad at liberals that want to take their money and give it to the “lazy, poor people.” They’re ignoring the real problem, that their money is actually going to the richest 1% that now control 99% of the world’s wealth. Democrats are mad at conservatives that they think may destroy the world. Meanwhile, many democrats are ignoring the corruption and manipulation within their own party, attributing it to conservative propaganda.

As I’m sure you know, political differences reached a new high during this past US presidential election. The popularity of two non-establishment candidates (Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump) was encouraging to me, indicating that many people are becoming aware that there is something wrong with our system. Similar tactics have been used to turn Christians and Muslims against each other, whites against blacks, residents against immigrants, and many more.

There certainly are bad people in this world, like the people that would intentionally turn us against each other. But, most people in these groups are actually very nice and interesting people and are doing their best to make it through this life, just like you. They may have a different viewpoint, because their path started somewhere else, and life led them down a different path, or maybe they’re working on a lesson you already covered.

Our differences are what make people interesting. By letting go of judgment and accepting our differences, we can learn more about our world, have more friends, and spend more time being joyful, instead of wasting time being angry towards others. For some positive news on this subject, check out the January, 2017 Messages from Matthew. There’s also a wealth of information at the Thrive Movement.