Connecting with Your Higher Self

by Curt Remington

DSC_9038There are moments when we connect with that inner spiritual part of ourselves, moments when our ego gets out of the way. These are times when we perform our very best, and it feels great. Maybe you’ve experienced this. It may have been while pursuing your favorite sport, maybe you were singing, or playing an instrument and totally lost in pure enjoyment.

Most of my moments have been in nature, skiing a remote run, kayak surfing, or reaching the top of a mountain and sitting to take in the view. Recently, I had such a moment during a Toastmasters Table Topics speech. I was called on to draw two words and put together a two-minute impromptu speech. My two words were “depressed lions.” Instead of struggling to think of what to say, or worrying about what a difficult topic I got stuck with, I got up and some inner part of me took over. What came out really surprised me. I spoke of how it gets very hot on the plains, and a pride of lions can get very lethargic and depressed, hunting with less enthusiasm. This starts a downward spiral, as the hunger makes them more depressed. Then, I asked, “what will the game think if you let out a weak rarrrr?” As my two minutes came to an end, my enthusiasm grew, and I concluded with a motivational call to action, “all it takes is one positive lion to turn things around, and you could be that lion. Get out there and bring some pride back to the pride.” I won the best Table Topics ribbon, but better yet, I had a lot of fun, provided some humor, and delivered an inspirational message about motivation and overcoming depression.

The reason I felt so strongly that this came from my higher self is it flowed out of me effortlessly, and it was far more clever than something I could typically come up with while talking for two minutes. It was that same sort of feeling I’d experienced skiing a run or kayaking a river, just enjoying it immensely without thinking about what I was doing.

Why? Benefits to Connecting with Your Higher Self

  • You can access talents that you may have developed over many lifetimes.
  • People appreciate authenticity, and that’s the real you.
  • Your higher self has access to a wealth of psychic information, so you can make better decisions.
  • That inner part of you knows your real life purpose and can help you get onto your best path.
  • Connecting with your higher self feels great!

How? Steps to Take for Being More Authentic

  • If you sense yourself putting on a façade, take note of that and try to let it go. It helps to love and forgive yourself.
  • Make time for pursuits that you truly enjoy and can immerse yourself in, whether it’s a creative hobby, a sport, or spending time in nature. It’s truly wonderful if you have a career doing such a thing.
  • Meditation is one of the best ways to be in the present moment, let go of blocks, and connect with that inner spiritual part of you. Regular meditation will also help this happen more often in your day-to-day life.

Moving Forward

You are an eternal spiritual being, and there’s a part of you that loves to shine. Let that part out more often, and you’ll make the world a brighter place. You’ll find more about connecting with your higher self in Curt’s book, Simple Meditation, or  his website.