Is there life after life? Do we reincarnate? What is the spirit world like? The best way to answer these questions is to visit the spirit world and find the answers for yourself. William Buhlman’s Adventures Beyond the Body gives you step-by-step instructions for doing just that. Adventures Beyond the Body

Along with instructions for initiating your out-of-body experiences, Buhlman covers techniques for moving from one dimension to another, enhancing your memory recall, and accelerating your spiritual growth. A real highlight of the book is Buhlman’s fascinating descriptions of the spirit world and his adventures beyond the body.

More recently, Buhlman’s struggles with Stage IV cancer led to a recently released new book, Adventures in the Afterlife. In Afterlife, the fictitious central character dies, whereas Buhlman is still alive, teaching out-of-body experiences and spiritual empowerment. However, the book is based on Buhlam’s 40 years of astral adventures.

We all travel out of our body at night already. Unfortunately, we don’t tend to recall what we did the night before. The techniques for conscious out-of-body experiences, in Adventures Beyond Your Body, take some practice to master, but they are well worth your time. Chapter Four lists 24 different benefits to remembering your out-of-body experiences.

Best of wishes in your travels. I hope to see you on the astral plane.