Life on Earth can be challenging. There are natural disasters, war, financial problems, and disease, especially as we grow older. These adversities can at times make it difficult to see the positive in our lives. Our true home, the spirit world, doesn’t have these hardships. It’s a heavenly place filled with peace, joy, and love.Twin Sisters mountains, Washington

So why would we venture away from such a wonderful home. Why would we journey to such a difficult place? I believe lessons are one of the key reasons we’re here. Our journey here is an opportunity to learn more about enduring hardship, about perseverance, love, forgiveness, caring, and joy. Facing the hardships on Earth make our lessons that much more challenging and possibly that much more rewarding. Besides, there is an awful lot to like about life here too.

Being aware of our true home and that we will return there, can make life easier here. Although we don’t remember home now, we will once we get there. When you die, an angel, guide or deceased family member often joins you for the trip home. Once there, you’ll remember what a beautiful place it is, and likely experience a sense of euphoria as you’re greeted by more friends and family, some of whom you may not have seen for a very long time. Dr. Michael Newton’s clients report that your spiritual family is likely to congratulate you on all that you’ve learned and experienced during your journey. You were very brave to set out on such an undertaking, because life is much easier at home. They may even have a party to celebrate your return.

So what is our spiritual home like?

The spirit world is vast and varied, much more than I can cover in this short blog. I can recommend resources for learning more. The source that made the biggest impact on me is my own out-of-body trips. On such a trip, my wife asked for a heavenly tour, and here’s what she learned. In another article, I discussed some of the scientific aspects of the spirit world. In that article, I mention the work of Dr. Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist that has written a number of books based on thousands of patient’s heavenly memories while under hypnosis.

Benefits of Remembering Our True Spiritual Nature

Remembering home while you’re still on your journey can make life easier and more meaningful. It can even be life-changing. The benefits of recalling our true spiritual nature include:

  • We can better focus on what’s truly important in life, our real purpose here on Earth.
  • We can release much of our fear of dying.
  • We can release grief for others who have died, gone home.
  • We can learn to tap into the eternal spiritual part of ourselves that is already calm, content and wise.

If you’d like to learn more about home before you get there, consider starting with my wife’s short blog “What is Heaven Like?” You might also consider Journey of Souls, Mathew, Tell Me about Heaven, or Sylvia Browne’s Life on the Other Side.