by Penney Peirce

Frequency drives home not only the theory that everything is made of energy, but also that everything is vibrating. Each one of us has our own personal vibration and home frequency (the highest personal vibration you can attain).The author, Penny Peirce, teaches you how to sense your own personal vibration, and how to have more control over external energies that can impact your personal vibration. Guess what? You may be feeling lousy today, and it’s not even your stuff! Peirce also teaches you about your “feeling habits,” when and how they developed, and how to let go of unhealthy feeling habits and start healthy ones.

frequencyIn each chapter, there are effective and unique exercises that are unlike any that I’ve seen in other books. I found them easy to do and the results were amazing. I sensed that the author got some of her ideas by accessing her own intuition, which of course is a great source of information. Some of the exercises include “feeling into” energy around us,  tapping into your intuition, learning how to be present and enter your body at a deeper level, clearing away other people’s energy and belief systems, and finding your own home frequency, just to name a few. The book also has exercises to raise your vibration by clearing away the mental and emotional blocks that get in the way.

This book review was written by Mary Remington