True Meditation

by Adyashanti

Many meditators follow a strict routine, controlling thought by Adyashantichanting or focusing on their breath. In True Meditation, Adyashanti tells us that controlling our thoughts prevents us from reaching our natural state of being, a state of enlightenment. The foundation of True Meditation is to let go of control and “allow everything to be as it is.”
The second important concept this book introduces is “meditative self-inquiry” to arrive at the answer to important questions, the most important of which is “what am I?” Combined, these two steps can lead you to a deeper understanding of your true spiritual nature, as you let go of ego and experience the eternal, spiritual you.
To aid you in achieving this state, there is an accompanying CD with two guided meditations. If you prefer to listen, rather than read at all, Adyashanti has this program as a CD audiobook which also includes the two guided meditations.
I found the techniques to be very effective and a natural, easy way to meditate. Since I have a variety of goals in meditating, this will become one of the meditation techniques I use, rather than the only technique.