Songbird Sunrise & Thunderstorm

by Jeffrey Thompson

songbirdBoth CDs, in this two-for-one package, contain an hour of soothing nature sounds, embedded with Alpha Brainwave Pulses. Jeffrey Thompson has done extensive research on using Binaural technology to induce different brainwave states, like the slower alpha pattern in these CDs. They make relaxation or meditation effortless. This sounds quite high tech, but what you’ll hear is the rejuvenating sounds of nature.

Songbird Sunrise brings the sounds of an aspen glen at sunrise, with a gentle breeze and a variety of birds singing out to proclaim their joy at being alive.

Thunderstorm РImagine camping on a bluff in the Dakota Badlands. From your tent you have a panoramic view overlooking the Great Plains. Rain gently patters on your tent, while thunder rumbles in the distance. With the wet weather, you have nothing to do but lean back against a pile of gear and truly relax, while listening to the calming sounds of a summer rain.