by Ralph Havens of Ralph Havens Physical Therapy

What is meditation?  And Why would you want to meditate?  There are many different ideas around meditation.  Some would say they meditate to relax or find peace or to lessen anxieties or depressions.  Some might meditate in order to get something.  Like creating abundance or creating a different life for themselves.

What about the Truth?  There is an idea around meditation that is all about finding out what is true.  The big What Am I question.  The where am I question.  The whole what’s it all about question.

DSC_7767Why would you want to know the Truth?  Would it be useful to know the absolute truth?  There is physics now to support the age old thinking that all is one; that all is illusion and that there really is nothing here; that what we see as a physical universe is really just patterns in a field of nothing.  There is physics now to show that the universe is possibly holographic meaning every part of it contains the whole of it.

Let me repeat that.  Each part of the universe like each proton in each cell of us, contains infinity within it!   How can infinity be in a finite structure?  99.99999+ or more of each atom is space.  And when the physics shows that in the empty space, infinite energy, mass and information is present you can get kinda loopy with it.

It just keeps looping on itself if you try and figure it out “logically”.  How can infinity be in a finite structure like and atom?   And how can there be so many atoms with each one having infinity in it?  I mean an infinite number of infinities?

It’s kinda like the chicken or the egg. Which came first?  Maybe there never was and never is an absolute chicken or egg.  Maybe they are just holographic and where ever you look there is a chicken and there  is an egg except that they’re not really there!

So what does that have to do with Meditation or the Truth?  By realizing how much we possibly don’t know; don’t absolutely know without a doubt; we can let go into that space of unknowing; the space that may be all that really is.

From there we can ask What Am I?  And be still and notice.  Dropping into the space of unknowing, let go and notice what you notice.

What would it be like to sit still with “I AM” and just Be.  If there is infinity within, what might I notice by letting go and being still?  Without agenda; without needing to “do” any thing; without needing to change or heal any thing?

By noticing what is Not True, and keep letting go of all that is Not True, what might you notice?  What is True and What Am I?

Sit with that if you might like to explore what You truly Are.  If you were to appreciate what you truly are, the illusions you created and how you made them look so real, what might you feel?

First it’s a mountain, then it’s not, then it’s a mountain again…….. what would it be like to play in the sunshine of the Truth?

Ralph Havens