A Soul’s Journey

by Peter Richelieu

A Soul’s Journey is a fascinating book for a whole variety of reasons. It was originally written in 1953 and takes place during World War II, so it gives you a look at life during a very different time. Much of the story also takes place on very different planes, the astral planes.

A Soul's Journey

In the book’s opening, Peter Richelieu, the author, is grieving the loss of his brother, a RAF pilot shot down in the war. A mysterious Indian mystic, Acharya, shows up at Peter’s house, having psychically been aware of Peter’s grieving. Acharya becomes a regular visitor and teaches Peter about spiritual advancement and the astral planes. Acharya also teaches Peter to remember his nighttime out-of-body trips to the seven astral planes. On these trips, Peter explores the astral version of London with his deceased brother and rekindles a relationship with a woman he’d almost married, before she died of pneumonia. Peter also learns how to help disoriented souls, recently killed in the war.

Of course the most fascinating part of the book is Peter’s out-of-body adventures, exploring the seven layers of the astral plane. A Soul’s Journey is well-written, contains good information, and is fun to read. If you’re looking for a how-to book on astral travel, I’d recommend William Buhlman’s Adventures Beyond the Body. For a description of life in the spiritual realm, my favorite is Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls. If you’re looking to pick up a fascinating book that’s hard to put down, try A Soul’s Journey. Out of 28 Amazon reviews, it’s average is 4.86 out of five. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any recent information on Peter Richelieu. This appears to be his only book.

This book review was written by Curt Remington