Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven

by Suzanne Ward

We are eternal spiritual beings, in a temporary body. As a spiritual being, I’ve wanted to learn as much as possible about the spiritual realm. This has led me to read quite a few books about “the other side.” Through clairvoyance, I’ve also seen glimpses of the other side and learned from the spiritual realm’s inhabitants. Based on what I’ve learned, the spiritual realm is a fascinating place, filled with love and joy. Going home to it will be a wonderful experience, although I’m in no hurry. I like it here too.

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven provided information I’d never heard elsewhere, like that there is a large shield around “Nirvana” as protection against dark energy and beings. Nirvana, by the way, is the word used there to describe the place that we go between our lives on Earth. “Heaven” apparently carries a lot of religious meaning that isn’t completely accurate. According to the book, the spiritual realm is vast, encompassing much more than the “Nirvana” near Earth. There are other similar places, for the inhabitants of other planets, and there are different dimensions or densities for spiritual beings at different levels of advancement.

Most of this book is a question and answer dialogue between its author, Suzanne Ward, and her deceased son, a very knowledgeable inhabitant of the spiritual realm. Their personal story makes the book that much more readable, although losing your child at the age of 17 had to be an incredibly difficult experience. Matthew describes thirty-four different aspects of Nirvana, including the environment, relationships, animals, time, travel, recreation, employment, and karma.

I enjoyed the book so much that I ordered another of their books, Revelations for a New Era. As a team, they have a website with a section called “Messages from Matthew.” Each month they post an update with some incredible information regarding 2012 and the Earth’s ascension process. According to this site, a federation of aliens from a variety of planets has been helping us from behind the scenes. They will be landing and introducing themselves this year. If they do, this will be one exciting and life-changing year.

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