by Sylvia Browne

meditations_regAs a prominent psychic, bestselling author, and founder of the church “The Society of Novus Spiritus”, Sylvia Browne has built a loyal following as a psychic and spiritual teacher. Meditation is an important part of her life, and through extensive use and practice, she has been able to uncover the many benefits that meditation has to offer. In Meditations, Browne shares her countless guided meditations that she has developed over the years. She devotes one to every week of the year so the reader can practice and truly connect with each lesson.

The content of this book contains vivid descriptions of each uplifting meditation, which are accompanied by imaginative illustrations. The meditations give clear instructions that are easy to follow, making it effortless to envision and practice the lessons. This book truly accomplishes bringing about relaxation, and will undoubtedly benefit readers in many other ways.