The Healing Code

by Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson

The Healing Code provides an easy-to-use technique that, based on the healingcodemany testimonials, appears effective at healing a wide variety of ailments and issues. The healing technique works at targeting the source of problems, rather than just treating symptoms.
Although the Healing Code’s and its techniques are beneficial, there are some limitations to the book. Much of the book’s first 200 (out of 268) pages is devoted to telling you how wonderful the technique is, without divulging what it is. If you were to believe the information stated in the book, you’d be convinced that there is a secret code, and that other forms of healing are somewhat obsolete. The Code facilitates healing through positive visualization and moving energy through conscious intention, great tools, but not really such a secret. It also utilizes techniques to change “destructive energy patters,” caused by negative experiences in our lives, however no mention of past lives is made, thus missing a big part of the picture. Many of these patterns may have been formed in an earlier lifetime.
It appeared to me that useful metaphysical theories were dismissed because they did not fit the author’s belief system. On page seven, the author states that he searched “Scripture to understand whether this (the technique) was in harmony with the Bible.” Based on the reviews I’ve read, this book clearly resonates strongly with some people, and not very well with others. Regardless of your beliefs, there is some very worthwhile information on our abilities to heal ourselves.