Shopping Can Be Tough!

Most of us have struggled with gift buying, trying to find something that won’t get put in the back of the closet, like the loud tie or the coffee mug with a dumb joke on the side. This year, what if you could buy presents that have the potential to change someone’s life instead?

Connect with the Heavenly Realm this Holiday Season

In our physical world, the Christmas holiday has become so commercialized, with the emphasis on accumulating more material things. As great as this may seem, it can leave us feeling empty and wanting more. Thankfully, there is more, and we are surrounded by it. I’m referring to the high vibration spiritual realm, which is beyond the perception of our five primary senses. Learning to tune into our psychic senses, like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and telepathy can put us in touch with the spirit world and can be a life changing experience. This is a world of love and joy, and is a wonderful place to put some of our focus during the holiday season.

We Are Spiritual BeingsSimple Meditation cover

With practice, anyone can develop the ability to connect with the heavenly realms, and there are many benefits to doing so. As we come to fully understand that the spiritual world is our true home, our life can improve immensely, and our priorities change. The benefits of making this shift include:

  • Life is less stressful, because in the eternal spiritual picture, those big catastrophes don’t seem so big after all.
  • Death is not something to fear. It’s a natural transition back to a wonderful spiritual plane.
  • Money and material possessions become less important, while relationships gain significance.
  • We come to realize that we all have spiritual helpers, ready to assist us.
  • We learn that our deceased loved ones are still around and are doing well.
  • We can use our own intuition or psychic abilities to make better decisions in life.
  • We experience more peace, love and joy

As you may already know, developing my psychic abilities completely changed my life. To share these benefits with others, I’ve developed websites, wrote Simple Meditation, and written reviews on books and CDs that I felt could have the biggest impact on the life of others. This holiday season, consider choosing gifts that could change someone’s life, like Simple Meditation, Destiny of Souls, You Are Psychic, or one of the other books or CDs at Amazon.