great_human_potentialWendy Kennedy and Tom Kenyon co-wrote this inspirational book, The Great Human Potential, based on information channeled from two advanced alien civilizations, the Pleiadians and the Hathors. The book also contains some wonderful meditation exercises that you’ll find to be beneficial, even if you’re skeptical about information channeled from extraterrestrials.

The first half of the book, by Wendy Kennedy, channeled from the Pleiadians, starts with a history of Earth as a “grand experiment” with genetic material for our plants, animals and for us humans, from a vast variety of other worlds. I realize that doesn’t exactly fit with either the creationism or evolution theories, although some elements of both theories seem to make sense. A key part of the experiment is that we would forget our place in the Universe and would work towards enlightenment without that knowledge. We’ve been in the dark long enough, so the book describes the Galactic community and our part in it. The Pleiadian material also contains valuable advice on topics like relationships, healing, love, and how to deal with negative news, war, death and destruction.

In the second half of the book, Tom Kenyon and the Hathors encourage readers to “merge your thinking and feeling natures and to sense the world, not just through your mind, but also through your heart.” This union “connects you to the higher dimensional aspects of human intelligence.” Sounds like a good thing to me. The Hathors further suggest that we let go of limiting beliefs.

A chapter on “The Sphere of All Possibilities” covers an excellent meditation/visualization exercise for manifesting the outcomes you’d like in life. If you’re not familiar with Tom Kenyon’s work, much of his focus has been on meditation music, sound healing, and channeling sound through his very talented voice with an almost four octave vocal range.

This book is a very worthwhile read, both for the information and for the meditations. I especially enjoyed the world history, description of the galactic community, and the meditation exercises.